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Happy Skin Lightening Customers

Skin Lightening Question

How I Lightened My Skin Using Nur76 Skin Lightening

Nurjahans brother of speaks about his own skin lightening experience & how you can do the same too

Hi, I want to share with you my story of how I lightened my skin with remarkable results. As you can see from my pictures I've had a great result and I want to share it with you so that you too can achieve the same results.

I started...

I was not too dark dark to begin with and I grew darker over time as I went on holiday. My skin became darker and darker as you can see from the picture above.

I started first using the Nur76 Skin Lightening Original as that was the only thing available at the time, I nearly gave up after 2 weeks of trying it but decided to continue. After just 3 weeks I started to see a difference and I decided it would be best if I took a picture so that I can compare it.

I continued...

I continued to use it for another month and compared the results with the photo that I took and that's when it really sunk in. I saw a clear result that made me want it more. I then became a part of the manufacturing process with Nur76 and began to do my own research into natural skin lightening.

I persisted...

I found that natural plan extracts were used to make the Nur76 product and the ingredients were simple yet expensive. I worked closely with the dermatologists who created this great formulation in the USA. The formulation was then taken to Japan to be tested by Japanese doctors and dermatologists. I then helped develop the New Nur76 Skin Lightening ADVANCED 3-in-1 which I started using.

After a couple of months of using the new advanced formula I saw a huge improvement. While I was using the advanced formula I also used the Nur76 Skin Lightening Body Lotion all over my body. The reason why I used the Body Lotion on my body is because the advanced was too expensive to use in larger areas so I concentrated the use of that on my face because my face was darker than my body.

Nur76 Skin LighteningI got my results...

All in all I used the products for 6 months to get the results above. I've now not used the products for over a year as the results are permanent.

I believe in the product and would never recommend anything else to my customers. Now all I sell is Nur76 because I know it works and it will for you too. You can call me anytime and I'll be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

...and now you can do the same

I hope you feel inspired by my story and with the same effort you can achieve the same results. I know that sometimes being darker than you were makes you feel self-conscious and getting darker in different parts of your body like your hands, feet or just your face can make you look odd. We often get dark patches on our face, pigmentation, blemishes, freckles and scar marks from pimples or scars left behind by acne. You can use it for any of the above problems and more, for a complete list click here.

But don't hold back

So if you feel unsure whether it is right for you, just look around the web site and look at all the happy people using it. If you are thinking of buying a different product from somewhere, we'd rather you didn't waste your money, because we know for certain that you will return to us and regret that you had wasted so much money elsewhere when you could have got the results first time with Nur76. So save yourself the heartache, headache and your money and make the right choice.

Make the right choice

Nur76 works regardless of whether you already have light skin or have very dark skin, all you have to do is make sure you apply it twice a day every day - but remember once you have got the desired results you do not need to use it again. Unlike other products which you have to continually use to maintain the look. So for you its cheaper in the long run to choose us first.

Click here to buy Nur76

Thank you for your time,


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B4U Music TV - Open House - Attika Choudhary Interview Nurjahans brother about why people lighten their skin. More...
BBC Radio 4
- Colour me White - Nurjahans brother talks to Aasmah Mir about why people lighten skin More...
BBC Radio 1 Xtra
- Mike steps in for Max and ask about do people really prefer lighter skin? More...
BBC Radio 5 Live -
Victoria Derbyshire asks Nurjahans brother about the Hollyoaks Skin Lightening Story More...
Brit Asia TV
- Broken Silence - Nurjahans brother in 1 hour interview by Sanyya Gardez on skin lightening More...
BBC 1 TV - Make Me White - Nurjahans brother speaks to Anita Rani about the skin lightening More...
BBC THREE TV - Miss Real World - Nurjahans brother on panel of experts interviewed by Shazia Mirza More...
Channel 4 - Nurjahans brother assisting 2 new documentaries for Channel 4 More...
Venus TV - Morning Show - Nurjahans brother talks to Anwaar Ayub Raja after meeting at the Asian Lifestyle Show More...
Scottish TV - Unbearable whiteness of being - Nurjahans brother records 3 day documentary for Scottish TV More...
Asian Lifestyle Show - UK Skin Lightening showcases Nur76 at the largest Asian exhibition in the UK More...

NEW - B4U Interview with Attika Chaudhury

Nur76 Melasma PhotoB4U Music TV - Open House - Attika Choudhary Interviews Nurjahans brother on Skin Lightening

Nurjahans brother speaks about his business, UK Skin Lightening, which serves millions of customers worldwide. The controversial subject of Skin Lightening is turned on its head in this interesting one to one interview.

The Skin Lightening industry is continually growing in the UK. Each day the market grows stronger but yet people deny buying skin lightening products due to peer conformation yet the buying is for peer conformation. Attika Choudhary explores the skin lightening industry with the manager of UK Skin Lightening, Nurjahans brother . He speaks about the who buys skin lightening products and why they buy it. Nurjahans brother speaks about the pressures from Bollywood to its teenage fans to how the perception of beauty in the Asian household in the UK is the same as the ones back home.

Nurjahans brother runs UK Skin Lightening which sells NUR76 Skin Lightening products which are world renowned for safety and effectiveness. He has been running the business for a few years now and the demand keeps increasing as he keep on innovating in the marketplace and introducing new ways to get healthier looking skin which feels amazing.

NUR76 is the industry leader when it comes to skin lightening. Their range extends from basic skin lightening creams to body lotions, soaps, cleansers and even shower gels.

To find out more about the NUR76 range of skin lightening products please visit




BBC Radio 4 on UK Skin Lightening

'Colour Me White'

Nur76 UK Skin Lightening manager Nurjahans brother is interviewed by Aasmah Mir from BBC Radio 4


Aasmah Mir reports on the skin lightening industry in Britain and asks why some British Asians feel pressurised by both their peers and the media to have paler skin. Her journey takes her to Oldham and Wembley, and shows how what is happening in Asia is influencing taste and fashion in Britain.

The show was broadcast live on BBC Radio 4 at 11am, lasted for 30 minutes.

Listen to it now click here on

Click here to BUY NOW


Listen to it now click here on


Listen to it now click here on

Sanyya Gardez interviews Nurjahans brother about skin lightening on Broken Silence on Brit Asia TV

Nurjahans brother in 1 hour interview by Sanyya Gardez on skin lightening. Nurjahans brother speaks about the reasons why people use Nur76 to lighten their skin. He explains that people should be given the choice of whether they want to lighten their skin without having to face criticism.

Watch it now click here on

Anita Rani interviews Nurjahans brother for BBC 1 documentary Make Me White

Nurjahans brother speaks about the advanced ingredients of Nur76 and how it lightens the skin. Anita asks Nurjahans brother about the effectiveness and what he would do to further advance the products. Programme researcher was Ayesha Tariq.

Watch it now click here on

Shazia Mirza interviews Nurjahans brother for BBC 3 documentary Miss Real World

Shazia asks Nurjahans brother how far would women go to beautify themselves? Skin lightening is a popular yet controversial method which Nurjahans brother discusses in this interview. Programme researcher was Emma Boland.

Watch it now click here on

Anwaar Raja speaks to Nurjahans brother on Venus TV Morning Show

Anwaar Ayub Raja speaks to Nurjahans brother about his businesses after meeting him at the Asian Lifestyle Show in Birmingham.

Nurjahans brother assisting Channel 4 programme makers

Nurjahans brother is currently assisting 2 of the programme makers for Channel 4 to find people for new skin lightening documentaries. Click here.


Faisal Aziz interviews Nurjahans brother about for 3 days in a skin lightening documentary for Scottish Cinema named The Unbearable Whiteness of Being

Faisal Aziz interviewed Nurjahans brother and followed the activities of UK Skin Lightening to the Asian Lifestyle Show in Birmingham. He talks about how Nurjahans brother set-up the business and how it is now a worldwide success with customers all over the world.

Nurjahans brother at the Asian Lifestyle Show

The Asian Lifestyle Show proved a HUGE success for UK Skin Lightening after showcasing Nur76 products which sold like hot cakes!

Asian Lifestyle

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Skin Lightening Ebay Feedback

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Happy Skin Lightening Customers

Happy Skin Lightening Customers

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